Here’s another thought experiment:

You are a sneaker fanatic. You love shoes, and you just bought your favorite pair. You decide to take the shoes for a stylish walk around the lake near your house. But then disaster strikes.

You spot a little girl drowning in the lake! She is…

Hubble Space Telescope image of Westerlund 2 cluster and its surroundings. What artist could do better?

Imagine that the chair you are presumably sitting in right now suddenly started shaking. Before you have time to react it starts rising, lifting you high into the air. If you were watching this scenario unfold from a nearby vantage point you would see that your seating had begun to…

Uh oh! I think I’ve caught the bug. Its symptoms are constant second-guessing and a pervasive sense of meaninglessness. Its treatments are Distraction and Revolution. If you’re John Lennon in the autumn of 1966 and you have the bug you write Strawberry Fields Forever. If you’re Tarek Zaher in the…

Tarek Zaher

Studying Political Philosophy at UT Austin | Interested in the origins, philosophy, and science of earthly happiness and morality. |

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